No Matter What…




As excited as I am about the reveal on Monday, I am anxious and of course, a little scared.  Honestly, a lot scared. Stepping out and putting my words and feelings in front of everyone to see is very difficult for me.  I am usually apprehensive about talking about or “selling” myself.  

With this week coming to the end, and the weekend of edits looming ahead, I just have to say that if it wasn’t for my supportive family and friends, I wouldn’t be able to put myself out there.  Even with the stress of Real Life: full-time job and edits, and blogging and getting ready for a blog tour and…you are always there supporting and encouraging me to keep going.

Thanks for always pushing me to smile, enjoy the fruits of my blood, sweat and tears, and most of all…Laugh!  At myself, at the people who just don’t get it and the stress of real life.

I am living my dream and couldn’t be happier!  Really!  😉


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