Happy Valentine’s Day!



In honor of Valentine’s day- I’m going to go for something different. I’m posting a poem I wrote a year or so ago.  This has nothing to do with hearts day at all. In fact, if you’ll look closely, it deals with confusion, one mind’s turmoil.


Beneath the hooded soul lies the stench of madness,

Crippled by anger, doused with fear and gripped with anxiety

Blocks are stumbling, paths crossed

Sections fleets in an unending maze, keeping the light hidden.


Thoughts travel the dimly lit path of the unknown

Bogging the concept of reality, nothing seemed right

Uncertainty masked the directions with nowhere to go.

Shut the eyes and keep the shadows away.


 Fear not the waves of cold that brushes the soul,

 Stay and let the ripples numb the folly

Miss the edge, tone the emotions

Restrain the urge to strike for another breath.


2 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day!

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