Wild Waves – A Sunset Destiny Romance, Book Four by JJ Ellis



Vanessa Mannon and Thomas Paulson have a tumultuous past that began in elementary school and peaked in her parents’ pool house in their late teens. Years of misunderstandings, anger and stubborn denial makes it impossible to act on their truest desires. When Thomas nearly loses his life in the war in Afghanistan they both realize they need to pursue what matters most – their love for each other.

Vanessa’s matchmaking mother Charlotte knows the pair will find their way together, eventually. But while she’s helping her other kids with their love lives, she figures she might as well give the couple a little extra push. One quick phone call leads the two to meet again on the Sunset Destiny Cruise ship bound for Alaska – The Mannon’s family vacation.

Vanessa’s past wild child ways and years old betrayal of Thomas’s trust combined with his flashbacks, physical injuries and memory loss might just be too much for the young couple to overcome, or it may just teach them an important life lesson. A lesson in forgiveness and redemption.


Thomas heard the Mannon’s before he saw them as he and Abigail stepped onto the ship. He hung back and let the long unseen daughter reunite with her family. And of course there was no avoiding setting eyes on the love of his life and the bane of his existence. As Vanessa waited her turn to hug Abigail, Thomas took in the sight of her from behind a luggage rack. She looked more beautiful than ever. Her wavy red hair hung down past her waist now and her big green eyes were as bright as ever. And damn, her soft, perfect curves were a bit more rounded with maturity. She was the vision of absolute perfection. The only thing different now was the subtly sad look that briefly swept across her face once in a while as she looked around her. He couldn’t help but wonder if it was because of his impending presence on her family’s vacation. He suddenly couldn’t stand the thought of disrupting her reunion with Abigail, so he quickly slipped away.

                When he was safely out of her line of sight he pulled his boarding pass from his carry-on and looked for his room number. It looked like deck six was the place where he would be spending the next week.  He hadn’t seen his best friend in three years and he couldn’t wait to hear about what had gone on since his departure.  But after seeing Vanessa, the thought of being near her made him want to turn around and run. How could he be so close to her and not fall for her all over again.  She had done the worst possible thing to him and his teenaged ego. And he didn’t know if he could ever forgive her completely. But on the other hand, he knew he would always love her in some way and he absolutely had to see what might happen.

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Author Bio –

JJ Ellis is first and foremost the mother to five children, four girls and one boy. She is also a wife, blogger and now author. As a Communication Studies major in college she never once thought she would be a writer. She wanted to be a celebrity publicist, but not a writer. Then one day, when she was in her thirties, she suddenly had ideas that would just not leave her alone. Now eight years later, and with a lot of stopping and starting, she feels she is exactly where she should to be!

Wild Waves, her fourth novel, is the fourth of a series about the Mannon children and their matchmaking mother.

She lives with her husband, kids and one crazy mutt in Casper, WY. She enjoys reading, writing, computing and graphic design. She looks forward to writing many more romance novels with wonderful, loving characters.




@mommyof5crazies on twitter.

Buy link: http://tinyurl.com/ptvbq5y

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