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On a wet summer morning in the historical township of Port Brandon, South Eastern Australia, talented artist and psychic Beth Montgomery reluctantly agrees to carry out a psychic assessment of Carrington House. She soon becomes frightened by a string of nightmares that could be warning her not to tamper with the metaphysical. Despite her fears, she braces herself for what is to come and continues to unearth the secrets of the past.

As soon as she enters the historical home, the image of a distraught Victorian maid appears, and then a young woman manifests on the staircase. Beth is transported to another era, where a magnificent four-poster bed, an engraved watch, and an exquisite ring evoke fleeting memories. When Beth spies a calendar, the date fills her with dread, but she cannot remember why.

Returning to the present time, Beth agrees to work for the irresistible Dr Matthew Jamieson, the new vet in the district. Each time they meet, memories of another lifetime flood her heart. She senses an eternal bond between them, but with two unfaithful partners in her past, she is reluctant to become romantically involved with him.

As her passion for Matthew intensifies, she regresses to 1895. In her past life as Mary Clark, she meets the darkly handsome Samuel Methven and falls in love with him on sight. But is he as honourable as he seems? Faced with Samuel’s apparent betrayal, Beth is plagued by fears that Matthew will also be unfaithful to her. She knows that to learn the truth, she must return to her past life, but that means facing an unbearable tragedy. Does Beth have the courage to move between lifetimes and relive that dreadful event? Will she be able to discover whether her soulmate was faithful to his twin soul?


“It is a lovely old house, is it not?”Their eyes met, and she nodded but did not speak.

“There is not a nook or cranny that I have not pried into.”

He spoke as if he were sharing a secret with her, and Mary felt she had known him forever. “I have a feeling you would have enjoyed that.”

“I did.” Long seconds ticked by before he spoke again. “Forgive me. I have not introduced myself. My name is Samuel Methven.”

Mary was shocked, and it showed on her face.

He raised an eyebrow and grinned. “I am not what you were expecting, then?”

Mary blushed, half-believing he was aware of the picture she had painted of him earlier to Anne. She glanced at his thick, black hair. “I should have guessed who you were. You have the same colouring as your brother.” He wore his hair longer than the other men of his social standing, and his deep tan was not common among the people of their class. All at once, she realized they were studying each other, and she cleared her throat before speaking. “Uncle James said you spent most of your childhood here.”

“I did. And if my brother is your uncle, then we must be related?”

Mary shook her head. “My sisters and I have called your brother and his wife uncle and aunt ever since we were young. Anne does the same with my parents. Our families are very close.”

“So you have known her since you were small?”

“I was ten and she eleven when we met.”

“Ah, so that explains it. I was gone by then. I knew I would not have forgotten you.”

Mary felt a surge of blood rush into her cheeks and swallowed. She glanced around, feeling the need to say something. “I expect you are glad to be home after all this time?”

Samuel pursed his lips while he considered the question. “Yes . . . yes, I am.”

“You look surprised.”

“I am, in a way. I think you often forget how much you love something until you return to it.”

“I can imagine just how you feel. If I were a man exploring the world, I know I would be so taken with everything I saw that I would forget what I had left behind.”

“Until you saw it again.”

“Yes. Until I saw it again.”

They gazed at each other until the butler came out and coughed. Mary’s cheeks burned anew.


Beth opened her eyes and found herself gazing towards the house. She took a deep breath. Samuel had not been an old man. At most, he would have been in his midthirties. She, as Mary, had loved him on sight. Even then, at their first meeting, her heart had flown to his. But what kind of man was he? Judging by his looks and the way he spoke, she would have thought him a man of peace and integrity. But appearances could deceive. Beth had learnt that the hard way. Had Samuel deceived Mary?


Introducing Julie

Julie Filarski’s love of reading quickly progressed to a love of writing. While writing The Memory Healer, she studied Professional Writing and Editing at Chisholm Institute in Berwick, Australia. Much of the novel was written on the train while she travelled to and from work at the University of Melbourne.

Julie first began studying the metaphysical realm in the early 1980’s. After a few sessions of Hatha yoga, she quickly became drawn to yoga philosophy and the belief in reincarnation. Since that time, Julie studied the topic in depth, as well as researching a wide range of other spiritual topics. Her studies have led her to understand that mankind has an inherent belief in immortality and that there is a deep and underlying spiritual purpose to all life.

Julie lives with her husband, Murray, near Phillip Island in Victoria, Australia. They have two children and five lovely grandchildren.

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