La Cala by N. Wood

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La Cala

N. Wood


La Cala’s Inspiration


Believe it or not, my main inspiration for La Cala came along while I was watching a music video run down on TV. The show was playing cheesy songs from the nineties and one of them was Vengaboys – We’re going to Ibiza. Believe me, I can find stories in the craziest of things.


So, with a location in mind, that just left a plot, characters, and a title to decide on. First of all, I needed to make sure the story could sound believable, so I took to the Internet to research Ibiza. Just like Lance did in the book, I found a website written by a resident gay man who highlighted the best places to stay, clubs to see, and beaches to enjoy. I noted down all I could from his suggestions and moved on to altering the names of those places, since they were actual businesses on the island, and therefore couldn’t be used.


While reading about Ibiza and its clubs, the plot for La Cala started to form, and the mention of themed party nights at a bar made the final pin drop. I knew straight away that my main characters would meet at the club dressed for the theme party, and there would be instant lust. Then came one of my favourite parts: creating them.


Lance McCarthy

  Nickp37 © Nickp37


 Lance McCarthy is a fireman, and if you’re wondering why the image I chose for him is so pale, that’s because he’s also from Scotland. It’s time for him to take a much needed break from work, and his chosen destination is the island of Ibiza.


Eyedear  ©Eyedear


 After reading the suggestions on a website, Lance has planned out his trip perfectly. He’s booked a room in the best exclusive gay hotel on the island, which permits nude bathing in and around their pool, and has plotted out which bars and beaches to visit. One club in particular has caught his attention, one that hosts theme parties. It’s during his first visit to the bar on a slumber party theme night, that he literally bumps into:



Malachy Walsh  © Mimagephotography

The first thing Lance notices about this man is the tattoo on his hand, the word ‘Mack’ running across his knuckles. It’s then, through the flashing of disco lights and the man’s soaked pyjama shirt, he notices more tattoos and a nipple piercing.


Mimagephotography1  ©Mimagephotography

Feeling bad for having cost the man a drink, Lance offers to buy him another, but the lack of response has him wondering if Malachy can even speak English. It’s not until he leans in and answers him with a suggestive tone that Lance discovers he’s drawn the attention of an Irish man wearing blue striped pyjamas.


BUT . . . I won’t spoil any more. Want to know what happens next? You’ll just have to find out!

 Nat x



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