Love, Unexpected (Fall Fires) by C.W. Stevens


Fall Fires Final

Love, Unexpected:


As Michael and Chuck’s loving union comes to pass, two, gay members of the wedding party discover the sweet bonds of a comfortable companionship. Attraction becomes more as they recognize their true soul mate in each other, which fills the romantic void in their solitary lives. It seems only one, small obstacle stands in their way.

Love Unexpected



Chuck slapped me on the back and pulled me into a tight hug, giving me a peck on the
cheek. “Evan! It’s so good to see you again. What’s it been… four months?” I smiled while
looking at my friend.

     “You were up in Oak Harbor helping some friend work on his boat the last time I was here
for a visit, if I remember correctly,” I reminded him. “You returned the day after I left!”

     He got me into a headlock and playfully poked me in the ribs. “Yeah, you just couldn’t
manage to stay one more day until I got back, could you, punk?”

     With both of us laughing, he released me. When he did, my attention was drawn away; I
became enraptured by a handsome stranger whose face had the power to make me forget how
to breathe. My palms became sweaty, and my breath caught in my throat while I took in his

     There he stood, long and lean, and looking very toned. I guessed he was around six foot
two, his dark wash jeans tight enough to accentuate his ass, hugging it in all the right places.
He had on a deep red, button-down shirt, which seemed created to be worn only by him, the
top three buttons undone. His hair was long, dark, and pushed behind his ears; it was straight
and shiny, and the overhead lights sparkled off each strand. Eyes, which were a brilliant shade
of blue, seemed depthless as they pierced through my soul. Fuck! My jaw had fallen to the
floor, and I snapped it closed before he could see. Chuck noticed though, smirked at me, and
then made the introduction.

     “Evan, I don’t think you’ve ever met my cousin, Jon Schubert. Jon, this is Evan Thomas,
Michael’s cousin and best friend. He’ll be serving as Mike’s best man.”

     The stranger captivated me, but I managed to find my voice. “Very pleased to make your
acquaintance,” I stuttered with a smile while our eyes remained locked together. I was hoping
he hadn’t noticed my tongue hanging out when he raised his hand to shake mine. It wasn’t
much of a shake; more like a lingering touch.     CW Stevens 


C.W. Stevens lives in the United States, in the Midwest, where the winters are cold and icy, and the summers are disgustingly hot and humid. Spring and fall are her favorite times of the year.

Reading is one of her favorite pastimes.


She enjoys writing and loves meeting new people along the way. Music and Abstract are a couple of her favorite Arts. She enjoys the challenge of trying to unlock the meaning of what the artist is trying to express. She enjoys solitude and hates crowds.


C. W. has two, grown sons, and loves spending time with her three grandchildren. Life is good!




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