Take a Gamble by N. Wood




Each Friday night, a mysterious man enters Blackjack’s Bar, orders the same drink, and sits in the same seat in the furthest corner. His presence is a welcome sight for Isaac Anderson, a regular bartender at Blackjack’s. There’s just something mysterious and intriguing about Caleb Miller that Isaac can’t ignore. Perhaps it’s his pale and sickly appearance, or the smart way in which he dresses. Isaac just can’t put his finger on what makes this man so different. Another thing he can’t do is stop staring at this fascinating, special person. Encouraged to take a gamble and to get to know this quiet stranger, Isaac invites Caleb to watch a rock band with him. All seems to be well, until Caleb suddenly makes a mad dash for the door.


Caleb doesn’t know what to think when Isaac Anderson pursues him that night. A lifetime of rejection has taught him to expect the worst, but the attractive and warm bartender’s response to him confuses him. Isaac sees him at his worst, and Caleb is prepared to protect himself from judgment and heartache. He is shocked when he is instead given kindness and compassion. As Isaac continues to reach out to him, Caleb struggles with the choice to trust the new man in his life. Even if Isaac wants to build a relationship with Caleb, there are other people in their lives who would be happier if they stayed apart. And even if he allows Isaac into his heart, it still may not be enough for Caleb to learn to accept himself.


Anger, judgment, distrust, and violence all threaten Isaac and Caleb’s newfound love. Their relationship faces too many challenges for either man to overcome on his own. Will taking a gamble pay off, or do they both stand to lose everything?

Guest Post: Inspiration


My inspiration for Take A Gamble comes from things I have seen, things I have experienced, and places that I have been to. I’ll try not to drop too many spoilers for those who haven’t read it yet.

ñ  Caleb Miller was born with a condition that affects his life. Though I haven’t seen or experienced this for myself, I had a friend during my high school years who had the same condition. Ever since getting to know her, I’ve been interested in the subject and I knew that I just had to write a book about it.

ñ  Isaac Anderson works as a bartender in a pub in Truro. My first job after moving to Cornwall, where my story is set, was as a bartender in a rugby club.

ñ  The bar in my story is called Blackjack’s. Blackjack was the name of a horse that I used to ride when I was a child.

ñ  Truro is the only city in Cornwall. I travel to it at least twice a week to go swimming. The pool where I swim is located on the Truro College campus, which is also where Caleb works as a music teacher.

ñ  For one of their dates, Isaac takes Caleb to an aquarium in Newquay. That whole chapter was based on my birthday when my boyfriend took me there for the first time.

ñ  The two main vehicles used in my book are a Ford Fiesta and a Skoda. I own the Ford Fiesta, and my parents own the Skoda.

ñ  For another date, Isaac takes Caleb to Perranporth Beach. The place where they sit is located in the sand dunes behind a bar on the beach. This is another place where my boyfriend has taken me too. We went to the bar to see a band, and ended up sitting in the dunes in the full moonlight instead.

ñ  The three main alcoholic drinks used in my book are Corona and Lime, Cornish Rattler, and Jack Daniel’s and Coke. I no longer drink, but when I used to, my drink of choice was Corona and Lime. Cornish Rattler is a cider brewed in Cornwall, so it seemed appropriate to make that Isaac’s drink of choice. Jack Daniel’s and Coke is a favourite drink of my good friend, Tracy, who also loaned her name to Isaac’s best friend in my story.


Author Biography:

N. Wood is a budding young author living in Cornwall, United Kingdom. She developed an interest in writing when her poetry was first published at the age of nine. Since then, she has moved onto writing both short stories and novels focusing on gay romantic themes.

N Wood


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