A Courageous Life by EM Richter

I’m back after a short break from posting. Here’s our next featured poetry. Have a great week ahead!

paperA Courageous Life by EM Richter

The door remains open
an open invitation
to the outside world.
Come in, it announces,
enter and see.
Vulnerable, exposed
an unheard acknowledgement
of what is easier to hide,
quicker to shelve,
instinctive to closet.
But, defying all impulse,
denying all pride,
A Courageous Life
asks to be explored,
stands at the mercy of judgement,
and proves,
beyond a shadow
of reasonable,
and more oft,
of unreasonable doubt
that the Courageous Life
cares not about
pomp and circumstance,
not about
standing on ceremony.
The Courageous Life
demands a simple and noble truth,
a truth against which
we have no defences.
A Courageous Life asks,
like an impetuous
and adored child,
with a tenacity
that demands that you listen,
relentless until you do.
The Courageous Life
begotten by nothing more
than the willingness
to dance barefoot in the sand,
to laugh like the winter geese
in full formation,
to feel the silky caress of
warm droplets of water
wash away the lather of lavender shampoo.
The Courageous Life
reminds you that
sometimes the courage
to listen to a birdsong,
to grasp onto the top rungs
and let your feet leave the ground,
to run your hand along the bristles of a horse’s nose,
to close your eyes and listen
to the mindless chitter-chatter of a child
and her imaginary friend,
only to realize that the child is you,
and the friend,
the one who came to remind you
that you too
once delighted in all things free and fanciful,
that you too
were once bound only by the vast,
infinite limits of your imagination.
And, then you realize that you do
live A Courageous Life.


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