Boarding House Requiem by Elizabeth Lawrence

paperBoarding House Requiem by Elizabeth Lawrence

When open, the eyes do sing aloud and long and shimmer

But closing, bend the weight of care along forgetful paths

So, too, must I go before you to open, close, and fade

The garment worn when open still is shed and shreds and shatters

Your persistent face I think will stay upon my path the longest

Though mine was a shadow to you even before we met

And my garments now bear the print of your eyes

Can I walk this way without your hands having laid the very stones

Or do my works mark the measure of the steps of your own

Sight unwavering though I fail to blink and blush and stammer and hold

Because if I were to lose myself now…

Where would you go?

There is a requiem that has played since that birth

We together constructed these worlds, these hearts, these pains

The children of our hearts did sing so loudly for a time

Until clasped hands unclenched and the clock advanced

Eyes close even as the cloth wraps more tightly

My lips form the truths that I cannot speak aloud

I know you; I know you; I know you —

And that truest heart for which we both mourn is the one we created together.

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