Hunted- The Gates Legacy Chapter 1- Part 2

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Chapter 1 – Part 2


The big vampire shot his head up, zeroing his glare on the party crasher, but he didn’t loosen the grip on Harrow’s neck. Harrow went for the slim opening in the hopes of breaking free. Distraction was key if he wanted to get away. Mustering a sudden burst of energy, he jammed an elbow into the vampire’s ribs, causing him to loosen his grip. Harrow then rammed his fist into the vampire’s face before struggling to his feet.

Another warning shot rang in the air.

Several men dressed in black leathers and gloves, their faces covered with ski masks, appeared out of nowhere and surrounded them. Each one was armed with a Dangeran blade. The massive vampire struggled to his feet, wielding his axe and ready to fight. The original combatants were outnumbered, no doubt about it. Harrow eyed the single escape route, but the men closed in on them, blocking their exit.

“The cops will be here in two minutes, tops. If you both want to live to see tomorrow, you’ll come with me without causing a scene,” the man ordered before turning away. The other vampire struggled, his resistance rewarded by the butt of a gun pounded against his head. The dark-garbed men seized and handcuffed both vampires before covering their heads with a black burlap cloth.

“Where the hell are you taking us?” the massive vampire roared, struggling with his cuffs. Harrow knew better and didn’t resist further. If the cops were to get a hold of him, he was as good as dead. How much worse could it get?

At the sound of the handcuffs clanking into place, several men surrounded them. Harrow knew escape was impossible. He had no other choice but to follow their orders or perish. He could attempt to break free, but his condition, it wouldn’t get him far. He’d be dead in no time, considering all the ammunition the group was packing.

He forced himself to relax, a feat that was close to impossible to achieve. The hunger gnawed at him. He needed to feed, and soon. It didn’t make it any easier that he could feel the lesions in his arms throb, stinging each time the cuffs rubbed them. Under the black sack that covered his face, he used his heightened sense of smell to distinguish each of the men surrounding him, including the vampire who moments ago had tried to kill him. They were all humans, he deduced. What in the world did they want from him and his attacker? How did these men know who he and the other vampire were? From the manner in which the leader spoke, it sounded like he had a good idea of what they were.

He could tell that they were excited from the sounds of their breathing and by the surge of electricity emanating off their skin. What were they so keyed up about? And why?

More questions.


Jordan had been following the group, tracking their every move and listening to their conversation. Noting these two were no ordinary vampires, she watched them with interest. She heard everything the man with the gun said and what his threat implied. It wasn’t clear whether the man who spoke was human or one of the vampires. He talked as if he knew what he was doing, speaking in a manner that was indicative of someone used to power and authority. Intrigued, she followed the group who dragged along the two vampires with ease as they headed out of the subway in haste.

Jordan ran after them, allowing a safe enough distance to escape notice. She felt for her Kalimetal hanging across her back, which was concealed by the trench coat she wore. Moving to match their speed with the agility and silence of a panther, she darted in and out of hiding places whenever one of the men did a spot check. The distant sound of police arriving at the scene competed with the sounds of the subway trains zooming by.

When the group stopped at last in an almost vacant parking lot, Jordan hid behind a thick lamppost, her slender figure a ghost in the dark.  The group approached three black SUVs that stood waiting. She saw the leader slide into the front passenger seat of the nearest vehicle, while the remaining men loaded the vampires into separate cars. The gang was large enough that each vampire was surrounded by masked men.

Following a car on foot could pose a problem for her. Looking around for a better alternative, Jordan spotted a motorcycle across the street, parked in front of an apartment building.

Bingo! She smiled to herself. Without wasting time, she crossed the street just as the convoy began to move. Hotwiring a vehicle had never been a problem for her, but stealing was. However, Jordan knew that if she wanted to get some leads, she was better off kicking her beliefs aside this time around. She punched the graphite cover of the motorcycle engine. Pulling free the wiring, she touched the two wires together, and with a little spark of electricity, the motor roared to life. Jordan jumped on, closing the distance in no time.

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