Hunted- The Gates Legacy Chapter 2- Part 2

Here’s the continuation of Chapter 2 for your reading pleasure.


Chapter 2

Jordan had very little time to react while the man still had his back to her. She darted out of her chair with no plan but to attack in anger. Charging at the man, she was willing to kill him with her bare hands if she were able. “What is he?” she asked herself while panic consumed her. Why was he doing this to them?

“You are a monster!” she screamed at the man, who pivoted at once to face her. His mouth had smudges of her mother’s blood, and Jordan’s anger doubled. “I will kill you.” Her martial arts background kicked into gear, and she took a swipe at the man with her fist but fell to the ground when she hit nothing but empty air. The monster moved fast, blurring before her in movements that were impossible to follow.

Out of the corner of her eye, she saw her father on his feet, unsteady and staggering toward their attacker; his head and face were covered with blood that dripped down from a huge gash in his head. He’d grabbed a thick piece of wood from the pile near the fire and pounded their attacker in the head. The monster staggered under the sudden blow but did not lose his footing. Instead, he turned around to face David, his expression reflecting his anger at her father’s attack. He picked David up by the throat and raised him up, mocking him.

“You think you can hurt me? You have no idea who you’re dealing with here,” he said in a tone that still sent chills up Jordan’s spine.

It was clear that David was choking to death. Jordan had no time to lose. She grabbed the piece of wood from the ground, and with all her might, she struck the monster in the legs. The man lost his grip on her father, and they both fell to the cold, hard earth. Her father didn’t move.

The stranger regained his footing without exhibiting any of the pain she’d hoped to inflict on him. He shot in her direction, moving fast and leaving her no chance to react or fight him off. All she could remember of the next moments was his fangs elongating; two unbelievable canines flashed at her before he bit her in the neck, just as he’d done to her mother. She felt her veins catching fire when something thick surged into her. Her body convulsed, and every muscle contracted while his mouth remained latched on her throat. She knew at that very moment that he was sucking the literal life out of her. As quickly as he’d arrived to unleash his terror on them, he dropped her on the ground as if she meant nothing and was gone.

Death was imminent. Her breaths were coming in irregular gasps. She could hear her broken sobs waning while darkness continued to envelope her. Her last memory of that gruesome nightmare was looking into her father’s eyes when he spoke to her for the last time: I love you, Jordan.

After speaking those last words, he coughed while blood oozed from his ears and mouth. His strangled breath continued before it ebbed at last, torturing her last moments with a deafening silence. She’d bellowed a loud, piercing cry before succumbing to her own oblivion.

Jordan flinched at the memories. This was her life now. She was alone and miserable, but it wouldn’t be for long. She swore on her parents’ names that she’d find the bastard and make him pay. He’d rot in hell for the way he’d sentenced her parents to death and her to this unknown existence. Many questions still haunted her to this day. Why had he let her live when he’d killed her parents? Why did he leave her if he’d intended to turn her? Just two of many questions that needed answers. Soon, she hoped.

Shaking away the dark clouds that blanketed her, Jordan got up and dusted invisible lint from her coat. She sighed while she took one last look at the glittering display of lights before breaking into a run, heading back to the place she’d discovered when she followed the group the night before. Her curiosity had been piqued; she wondered what type of business humans would have with vampires other than blood. She planned to check the entire perimeter of the establishment, mark all exits and entrances, and wait — wait to see if they would lead her to the beast she sought.


“Pritchard, I think you’ll want to see this,” Dante called out to his employer through a walkie-talkie, his eyes never leaving the monitor. Alert and focused, he watched while a woman streaked past the gates of their property. Dante positioned each camera to follow her every move, punching buttons with the efficiency he had been hired for. A burly man in his late thirties, he hadn’t seen much action since he’d been offered a hefty salary in exchange for his expertise and silence, ending his career with the NYPD. His boss, multi-billionaire Pritchard Tack, strode in within minutes, his face red from exertion. Although he was a laid-back type of guy, Pritchard was nowhere near relaxed; his sparkling blue eyes were sharp, and his wide shoulders tensed. He nodded to Dante, who tapped some keys on the keyboard to reveal several shots that had been taken outside the property from different angles.

“Get Cyrus and Lambert in here quick,” Pritchard ordered after reviewing the footage.

Dante called over the speaker system while Pritchard continued to track the movement of the camera with his eyes. His brows furrowed, and he wondered aloud, “Who is she, and how did she find us?”

“Sir, you called?” Cyrus asked. He was the heftier of the two large men who now strode in the room. Everything around them seemed dwarfed by their mere presence.

Pritchard stood up from his seat next to Dante, an inscrutable expression in his face. He glanced toward his best men, the pride and joy of their little unit. Both were bounty hunters he’d employed many years ago when his life had been threatened. The duo had stayed on his payroll and was of invaluable service now more than ever, since Allison had become sick. The thought of Allison brought with it an onslaught of unbearable pain, but he repressed his tortured emotions, forcing his mind to shift back to the task at hand.

“Watch this,” he said.

Dante flicked a button, and several cameras started playing the different views of the woman prowling outside the property. Cyrus’ eyes narrowed as the veins in his neck tightened. Lambert, the quiet one, pressed his fists together as the rush of adrenaline started pumping within him. “Just say the word, boss,” he quipped.

“Look at her, the way she moves . . .” Pritchard pointed to one monitor. “See that thing bulging underneath her coat?” The men nodded. “That’s a pretty big weapon she’s got there. I don’t think she’s human. You guys better arm yourselves with Dangeran and some sleeping beauties. Ask the big vampire if he wants to make use of his prowess for a good cause.”

“Sure thing. Regardless of his answer, Lambert and I are going.” Cyrus said.

“If he says no, take several men with you and a net,” Pritchard smiled. “And I want her alive, okay?” With those orders, his two most trusted men left the room in a few quick strides, leaving Pritchard entertaining thoughts about the woman. Could she be a Vampire Council soldier? If so, she’d regret she ever stumbled upon them.

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