Day 2 of 12 Days of Nerdiness with Diane Munier

Diane has plenty of tales to tell and you could win 6 of them!

All across the country, men are drifting home from the war. But
when Tom Tanner musters out, he doesn’t plan to go home. After the horrible
loss of his older brother, Tom doesn’t feel worthy of the family’s company. But
his guilt won’t allow him to cause them more pain and so he goes home for one
last visit. But his plans are challenged one day. What Tom finds at the
neighbor’s home is a scene right out of the war. But it’s not just about
killing. The Missus Addie Varn, is ready to birth. Tom wants to run, and he
will come fall, but now he must roll up his sleeves and play midwife.

Tom Tanner has taken on a family. He lived through the war, but
becoming a lover and pa to two small children may be the role that breaks him.
This is the story of a man’s slow rise from black sheep to patriarch. 1866 is a
time of learning to carry on in the aftermath of civil war. Tom is ready to
heal, ready to take over Addie’s farm and make it a grand place. He has money
from reupping in the war and reward money for bringing a few notorious outlaws.
Can Addie’s love help him settle and become an outstanding man like his pa?
It’s the only fight worth making– a fight for love.

In the summer of 1963, sweet little ten-year-old Catholic school
girl Georgia Christine meets eleven-year-old smoker with armpit hair who really
does live on the wrong side of the tracks, Easy. Georgia and her best friend
Abigail May are mystery solvers in their spare time, and Easy and his brother
Cap will keep these two little ladies on their sleuthing toes. But as the years
pass, can a friendship that begins in childish excitement survive the dark
twists and turns that brew under the surface of their lives?

Two lonely souls on the beach. A chance meeting or orchestrated?
She invites him to leap to the end of what could be a great time. She has a
cabin for three weeks. He has his grandfather’s Victorian house. He doesn’t
take chances as a rule, but he’s been drifting for a long time. Does he have
the guts to take her up on the offer? It’s reckless. But his moral compass got
reset after the incident. So maybe he’ll leap and see where he lands.

Hilly Grunier has been in love with Danny Boyd since she was a
kid telling scary stories on summer nights at the fire hydrant while Danny
pulled close on his bike. But when Danny is thirteen, their friendship ends
when he and his brother Sukey have a vicious fight over Hilly. Years pass, and
Hilly carries a secret and growing love as she watches Danny rise athletically
to the top of their school’s food chain. He even dates the prom queen and rumor
says they are engaged. Now Danny has graduated and shows up in her dad’s shop
looking for some temporary employment until the army picks him off for Vietnam.
He’s thrown aside his college scholarship and the golden girl. He seems to be
searching for something new before he leaves town. He seems to be searching for
her. Hilly can’t let him go overseas without showing him how she feels. But
once he’s gone, her own battle intensifies. It’s a long road to finding her

house next door to Sarah and her mother Marie has been vacant since the murder
that happened there when Sarah was ten. Their neighbor, Frieda, was like a
second mother to Sarah and she died brutally and that event sends a paralysis
over this sleepy neighborhood that hasn’t lifted for seventeen years. Imagine
Sarah’s surprise when the old place finally sells to an on-line buyer. She
looks through the thick growth separating her house from the other and a wild
man looks back. He’s thirty-seven year old Spencer Gundry. Once he shaves the
beard and gets a haircut, he’s not hard to look at. Well Sarah’s mom doesn’t
think so. And maybe she doesn’t either. Problem is, Sarah has evolved into the
neighborhood watchdog and she knows this tumbleweed Gundry has as many secrets
as the house he owns.


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