Dull Ache

paperDull Ache

Why is there sadness?

Can we trudge on, exist without it?

The burden is heavy.

And the loneliness, a constant companion

The ache in our weary soul tears us down.

Rip apart the damning pain.

A life lost…such everlasting agony…

How miserable to be left behind…

We often wonder. Yet the whys in life go unanswered.

We rarely ask the questions aloud,

Embarrassed by the display of weakness

And afraid to be deemed helpless

Nevertheless, tears fall for our heart’s loss.

We weep for the departed when we should be weeping for ourselves.

Our journey continues into the unknown, stray beyond the concept of death.

Fear it not.

The question lies within our heart,

Acceptance and letting go is within our grasp.

Hang on for much longer,

Escape the torture and clear the mind.

Hope, the new day will ease the sadness to a dull ache.

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