Teaser Tuesday – Lisa Bilbrey

The Journey Home

The Sharks’ star quarterback, Travis McCoy has it all, until an
injury ends his season early. When he receives an invitation to attend
the big homecoming game from his alma mater, Travis decides it’s time to
face his past. The journey home sends Travis down a path that he never
expects. Will he be able to come to grips when everything around him is
spiraling out of control?

The Journey of Champions

Travis McCoy thought the journey home would be the hardest choice he
ever had to make. It isn’t until he finds himself walking out the door
and leaving his family behind that he realizes his journey is only just
beginning. Now, with only a handful of weeks until Christmas, Travis
tries to find his way back home. This time, he plans on staying forever.

The Journey to Forever

Finally back in the warm embrace of his family, Travis McCoy
relishes every moment he gets to spend with his wife and son. After
almost losing them due to his own selfishness, he makes the decision to
never let go of his family again. With his plan set in motion, Travis,
Penelope, and Max start a new journey, one that leads them to forever.

The Journey to a New Life

Travis McCoy’s journey has led him down a road of changes where he
found the love of his life and their child. Travis, Penelope, and Max
have struggled during their time apart, found their way back home, and
finally tied their lives together as a family. Now, Penelope and Travis
find themselves on a new journey, one that leads them to the greatest
gift of all.

A month later, Travis walked out of his apartment building
and slid into the yellow taxi cab that had been waiting for him. He instructed
the driver to take him to the airport and then shifted his attention out the
window. Travis had finally been able to take the brace off his shoulder a
couple weeks ago, but his shoulder was still stiff and ached when he used it
too much. There wasn’t much mobility left in the joint, which just added to the
rumors of his career being over. After a lot of thought, Travis had decided
that in order to figure out his future, he needed to face his past. However,
instead of replying back to Jack Garrison confirming that he was coming back to
Clarendon for homecoming, Travis had merely booked a flight back to Texas.
“Sir, we’re here,” the driver said, pulling Travis out of
his inner reflections.
“Thanks,” he replied, opening the door and climbing out.
Travis dragged his suitcase from the backseat and let it flop onto the ground
before he fished his wallet out of his back pocket, slipping a couple of
twenties out. “This should be more than enough.”
“Oh, well, thanks.” Hesitating for just a moment, the driver
picked up his log book and flipped it to the back page. “Can I get an
autograph? You know, for my son?”
Travis laughed and took the book and pen the man had dug out
of his pocket. “Sure thing. What’s his name?”
“Harrison. He’s a huge fan of yours. Only four-years-old,
and he’s already convinced that he’ll be a big star just like you.”
“Well, good luck to him,” Travis murmured. He scribbled his
name and a note that said ‘Keep dreaming’ on the log book before handing it
back to the driver. “I hope he makes it.”
The man looked down at his book and smiled. “I just want him
to be happy.”
“Most fathers do.” Travis pushed away from the taxi and
headed inside the airport.
Half an hour later, he’d managed to check in for his flight
and was sitting outside of his gate. He had on a pair of black sunglasses, and
he was leaning his head against the wall behind his chair. Travis stretched his
legs out, crossing them at the ankle, and folded his arms in front of his
chest. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t get his shoulders to relax.
When Travis left, he’d crushed the one woman who’d ever
cared about him: Penelope.
She owned his heart and soul; she was the one person who’d
ever believed that he’d be able to do anything he set his mind to. The day he’d
left her had been the hardest moment of his life — at least until now. Going
home was proving to be even harder.
Obsessive, compulsive, slightly
crazed, but enough about her personality. First and foremost, Lisa Bilbrey is a
mom to three and a wife to one. She loves to write, and spends the majority of
everyday writing. It’s who she is, and what she’s meant to be doing. Words are
her life, the air she breathes, and the nutrients of her soul. Finding a love
in the written word, Lisa Bilbrey started writing as a way to express herself
and let her voice be heard. From the first word she wrote, she’d found her
heart and soul.
Always willing to learn, she’s
spends much of her time trying to improve as a storyteller.